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Luvia invests in the future by hiring new employees and investing in its production


The company’s total investment for 2020 will amount to approximately EUR 2 million. In addition, the company will hire 5 to 6 new employees for its production during the year.

Luvia has decided to invest in the modernization of its three wood drying kilns during the summer of 2020. The aim of the investment is to replace the existing drying equipment with the latest technology to modernize the load supply and the heat recovery equipment.  

“This investment will help us respond to our customers’ growing demand by increasing our capacity and raising our drying quality, which will enable our growth. This increased capacity represents a considerable 5 per cent increase in our total annual drying capacity,” says Veli-Matti Puuska, Managing Director of Luvia.

“By modernizing our wood drying kilns, we are able to achieve other advantages, such as improving our energy consumption and increasing the occupational safety of our operating environment,” he continues.

Luvia plans to hire an additional 5 to 6 new employees during this year.

“We see a positive future for our industry. Using our wood products provides an excellent way to help bind airborne carbon dioxide. Sustainability is becoming ever more important, which will support the growth and demand for wood products in the future,” Puuska says. 

“As a financially solid company and a forerunner in the industry, we have confidence and belief in our industry in the long term, now that we have successfully concluded employment contract negotiations and once we make it past this current challenging period,” he adds.

Luvia is one of Finland’s largest and financially sound, privately owned companies specialising in sawn timber and the further processing of products. The company’s net sales are approximately EUR 85 million, and about 85% of the company’s production is exported. Annually, Luvia uses approximately 650,000 m3 of spruce and pine logs as raw material harvested from certified forests for its production.

The agreement was signed by Luvian Saha Production Director Mauri Korpela (left) and CEO Veli-Matti Puuska together with CEO Mikko Pitkänen from Valutec Oy and Juha Pöylijoki (right).