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Luvia helps to strengthen the forest’s biodiversity


As a member of the Finnish Sawmills Association, Luvia is committed to promoting the objectives of the forest environment programme by supporting initiatives for independent sawmills. The aim of the joint forest environment initiatives of the independent sawmills is to safeguard and strengthen the forest’s biodiversity when harvesting. All measures are voluntary for forest owners, and their implementation is agreed upon jointly with the forest owners. 

The forest environment programme focuses on six conservation measures when it comes to logging, which have been proven to safeguard the forest’s biodiversity. The programme’s actions focus on conserving areas with dense growth that host game, decaying wood as well as low-revenue generating products; it favours mixed woodlands, safeguards marshy edge areas and includes leaving taller stumps.

“We believe that taking care of the forest’s biodiversity is a very important part of our logging operations. We are committed to a joint forest environment programme. With the help of this programme, it is now possible to offer forest owners various options to improve their management of the nature,” says Juho Honkela, Director of Wood Procurement at Luvia.

As part of the programme’s implementation, Luvia trains all of their stakeholders, who are part of the company’s wood supply chain.

For more information: 

Juho Honkela, Director, Wood Procurement, +358 44 761 5331 

Luvia is one of Finland’s largest and financially sound, privately owned companies specialising in sawn timber and the further processing of products. The company’s net sales are approximately EUR 85 million, and about 85% of the company’s production is exported. Annually, Luvia uses approximately 650,000 m3 of spruce and pine logs as raw material harvested from certified forests for its production.