Honouring the forest and appreciating its diversity

Nordic wood grows very slowly in the northern environment. The short growing season produces a strong, durable and consistent fibre structure. For our part, we want to preserve and respect this unique raw material grown in Nordic conditions by carefully processing the wood into sustainable and long-lasting products.

The best of the best raw materials


Raw materials harvested from the slowly growing forests in the Nordic conditions are perfectly suited to highly diverse end uses, such as the demanding furniture, construction and carpentry industries. Our raw material harvesting area is located in a cold climate zone in which freezing winters vary with warm summers. The summer season lasts only 100 days. Such a short growing period means slow growth, which can last from 60 to 120 years.

Local, accountable and systematic  

As a responsible company, Luvia makes sure that the forests are well looked after and used sustainably – from an ecological, social responsibility, economic and cultural point of view. Our operations are based on sustainability, an efficient and effective logistics chain, personal service for our forest owners and wood product expertise. We always source the wood we use from certified forests.