Dear supplier,

We receive our purchase invoices in electrical form, as e-invoices.
We kindly ask you to update our
billing information as follows:


E-INVOICE ADDRESS: 003708531383
OPERATOR: TietoEVRY Oyj (Broker ID 003701011385)

In the future, we hope to have your invoices as e-invoices.
If this is not possible, please send your invoices to the address below primarily by email and if this is not possible, then in paper form by post.


in the future, we kindly ask you to submit all invoices by email to the following address.

e-mail address

Please note that invoices need to be sent as one pdf file / invoice per one email, only as a new email and not forwarded or answered emails.

or by the post at

Luvian Saha Oy
PL 2086

Please note that we only receive invoices to the abovementioned address, all other materials you may still send us by email to