Whistleblowing channel

For the treatment of confidential hints, we have set up a confidential reporting channel at the group level (compliance@hs.at). All information directed to this channel is processed in a structured process. We guarantee identity protection through confidentiality and discretion. A separate internal guideline regulates the exact investigation process.

In principle, all employees, but especially the management, who are confronted with reported content, are obligated to protect the identity of the whistleblowers. This also applies to the dissemination of information from which the identity of whistleblowers can be directly or indirectly derived, including anonymous tips. Therefore, the dissemination of such tips or underlying information, apart from forwarding to the Group Compliance Office, is prohibited! Only in exceptional cases may the identity of the informants be disclosed (e.g., in the context of official investigations). However, the reporters are informed in advance by the Group Compliance Office.

Reports are documented in accordance with our confidentiality obligations and are not kept longer than necessary and proportionate.

The HSTG is committed to not only limiting the legally guaranteed whistleblower protection to the legal matters covered by Directive 2019/1937/EU (Directive 2019/1937/EU on the protection of persons reporting breaches of Union law) but to extend and guarantee it to all violations of laws, contractual obligations, or internal regulations, such as this Code of Conduct. Because compliance with rules is essential to us, and we want to use the whistleblower channel as an effective compliance management tool, we voluntarily go beyond the legally guaranteed minimum standard.

Confidential Reporting Channel:


Group Compliance Office

Michael Proschek-Hauptmann

+43 664 88145649