A Report on the responsibility and effectiveness of the Finnish sawmill industry has been published by the Finnish Sawmills Association. Among other private sawmills, Luvian Saha Oy has been participating on creating this report. The report describes the operation of independent sawmills and their social and economical impact on the local society.

The sawmill industry produces environmentally friendly products that are responsibly made from renewable raw materials. Being the 4th largest export industry in Finland, sawmilling brings notable export revenues. Also direct and indirect employment effect is significant. The sawmill industry’s degree of domestification is higher than of any other export industry.

According to the report, safety and well-being at work is considered as one of the most important developmet targets. At Luvia Sawmill, the development of safety issues has been raised as a part of continuous improvement. Over the last 4 years, the frequency of accidents has decreased substantially, number of accidents have decreased and diligence and the level of work have improved. ”Safety is part of whole production, not any separate area.” says production director Mauri Korpela.